13 March 2007

Working on something

Life with Wookie just keeps rollin on. I am working on a short video I can post here so everyone can see her in action. She continues to blow minds all around the resort and basks in all the attention she gets. Yesterday she decided she didn't want to hang out at the top of the mountain and left the patrol shack and walked herself to my office! Days off coming so hopefully I can make it happen this week.

18 February 2007

She Passed!!

We went to Alta last week to put Wook to the test and take our biannual recertification. As expected, it was well attended by many senior dog handlers to see what the three legged wonder could do. Well, she impressed everyone and nailed the test in 14 minutes (she has 20). She also dazzled local news audiences last week which you can see here

14 January 2007

Long time no news

Well, no news is good news right? In Wookies case so far so good. My own health took a turn for the worse just before xmas and I've been in way more doctors offices than I would like lately. Anyway, you're here to hear about her not me. She has continued to get strong and absolutely enjoys being the center of attention at the resort. We have been doing search drills and slowly working on building her strength and stamina in her leg.

She did a double search problem this week finding a pack and a person in just under 6 minutes - she has quickly regained her form and speed. She still loses enthusiasm when digging for articles or packs, but hasnt slowed down one bit on the live finds. The above pic is her post search reward time.

Next week is the dog school at Snowbird where I will be an instructor and hope to bring Wook up for a guest appearance and some growling at her old nemesises. After the school is over we will be going back to Cottonwood Animal Hospital to consult with the chemo folks. Hope everyone had a great holiday and I'll try and be better about more consistent updates.

26 December 2006

Happy Holidays

Wookie really turned a corner in the last week. Suddenly people have to look twice to see if she is really missing a leg. She is just looking and feeling better all the way around these days. I have been a little slow in posting due to being both sick and extremely busy the last few days, but I have some great pics to put up when I get back to work on Friday.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart everyone who has helped with the financial side of this. At this point, all vet bills are paid and I have a little money in the bank for the next phase.

Be back later this week.

16 December 2006

She's getting soft

Well anyone who has met her, knows how bizarre this is. I told her to get in the kennel at the top of the mountain the other day, and instead of going into the empty one, she joined Maully in hers. Maybe she's just happy to be back in action, but she rarely goes near Maully, so it was a little bizarre.

09 December 2006

Great Week

Wookie just keeps on keeping on. We have been doing one ski run a day for the last 4 days or so, and she is just ecstatic to be up on the hill and hanging out with the team. The incision has almost totally healed and she gets a bit stronger each day. Yesterday we went for a long ski on slightly steeper terrain than we have been on. She dealt with it no problem, although she was down for the night, and is right back after it today. The plan right now, is to go in for a consult with the doctor who will do the chemo, and then make a plan for it. I will probably start updating once a week until we start the next phase. Thanks again for your thoughts and prayers.

01 December 2006

Quick Update

Work has been extremely busy with the new snow and getting more lifts ready to open, but here's a quick update. Wookie had the staples taken out on Wednesday. She was excited to go to the vet and jumped onto Dr. Schilling as soon as she came into the room. She was quite patient while we held her down to pull the staples. At this point, we are going to heal a few more days and then start talking to the Doctors about chemo options. I hope to get her back on the hill tomorrow for some exercise and socialization with the patrol. More soon.