14 January 2007

Long time no news

Well, no news is good news right? In Wookies case so far so good. My own health took a turn for the worse just before xmas and I've been in way more doctors offices than I would like lately. Anyway, you're here to hear about her not me. She has continued to get strong and absolutely enjoys being the center of attention at the resort. We have been doing search drills and slowly working on building her strength and stamina in her leg.

She did a double search problem this week finding a pack and a person in just under 6 minutes - she has quickly regained her form and speed. She still loses enthusiasm when digging for articles or packs, but hasnt slowed down one bit on the live finds. The above pic is her post search reward time.

Next week is the dog school at Snowbird where I will be an instructor and hope to bring Wook up for a guest appearance and some growling at her old nemesises. After the school is over we will be going back to Cottonwood Animal Hospital to consult with the chemo folks. Hope everyone had a great holiday and I'll try and be better about more consistent updates.

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jkiel said...

Hey there, we're sorry to hear about your own troubles, hang in there and good luck!