09 December 2006

Great Week

Wookie just keeps on keeping on. We have been doing one ski run a day for the last 4 days or so, and she is just ecstatic to be up on the hill and hanging out with the team. The incision has almost totally healed and she gets a bit stronger each day. Yesterday we went for a long ski on slightly steeper terrain than we have been on. She dealt with it no problem, although she was down for the night, and is right back after it today. The plan right now, is to go in for a consult with the doctor who will do the chemo, and then make a plan for it. I will probably start updating once a week until we start the next phase. Thanks again for your thoughts and prayers.

1 comment:

maine2indiana said...

Beautiful dog with alot of heart and soul.....she has alot of life
ahead of her....