18 February 2007

She Passed!!

We went to Alta last week to put Wook to the test and take our biannual recertification. As expected, it was well attended by many senior dog handlers to see what the three legged wonder could do. Well, she impressed everyone and nailed the test in 14 minutes (she has 20). She also dazzled local news audiences last week which you can see here


Anonymous said...

Your Tulsa family wishes you and her the best. That is awesome news. I am glad she is continuing to get better and I hope she continues to keep your spirits high. Love you and Wookie.

Nate and Lena

Anonymous said...

Absolutely incredible story. What a beautiful dog :) I wish her the best and hats off to her and all of you for having such big hearts. It's the most wonderful thing in the world :) best wishes, Nicole